Published 4 March 2021

The A&T 2021 fair dedicated to Innovation, Technologies and Skills 4.0. has just ended, and for the first time in a completely digital version.

A&T is the annual reference fair for the players of the Italian industrial production chain in the field of additive manufacturing, reliability, automation, robotics, digitalization, logistics.

The 15th edition took place online thanks to A&T Digitale, a platform especially designed to make pleasant the participation and create opportunities for new contacts. The event hosted several events, including the round table “Mobility of the future: which opportunities for the country”, which had a good result in terms of participation (It’s possible to review the event at this link.

The round table was opened by Ennio Cascetta, president of Cluster Trasporti, who explained that a new profound paradigm shift is taking place in the technology field: the seventh transport revolution.

Global geopolitical blocks such as the USA, China and Europe are putting in place large investment programs that involve companies in the automotive, railway and naval sectors but also the world of public research.

Against the backdrop of the three major trends that are moving globally – artificial intelligence technologies, decarbonization and the transformation of mobility services – Europe plays an important role, defining its interest also thanks to programs such as Horizon and Next Generation EU: “Many resources will finance the public share of research for the transport revolution and Italy is also planning to move large resources including the 209B€ of the Next Generation fund”, added the president of the Cluster.