Published 28 April 2021

Create the largest database in the country at the service of the automotive and transport sectors. With this objective, the National Transport Technology Cluster has decided to offer its members and the entire sector a new reserved online platform, connected to the Cluster Trasporti website.
The new space for communication and sharing of information and data will provide a constantly updated picture of the sector and will be at the service of institutional and industrial decision makers.
The new Platform will be accessible with a private restricted access by members: all the new features will be officially presented to the associates during a webinar that will take place on May 13th at 3 pm.
Thanks to this new virtual space, each company, academic reality or research institution belonging to the group will be able – through its personal account – to make the proposed services available to everyone; enhance the results of the research; communicate the completed projects or those about to be born.
The ultimate goal is to create the largest database, recognizable and easily accessible: a search engine for products and services useful for the entire sector.

The mapping

The platform provides a reserved area accessible through registration, verification of the email address and subsequent user authentication. All the contents will be visible only through user access.
Each user can enter their data specifying, through the mapping system, the activities of competence.
After approval by the administrator, the publication will be processed and the user will be visible in the reserved area and identifiable through their own relevance specified in the map.
The mappings follow the four areas already identified within the cluster: Train, Sea, Road and ITS.
The mapped items, which will then allow easy identification of companies within the database, include: areas of specialization, means owned, services offered, areas of expertise, activities, product types.
The mapping is structured as follows:

• Railway
• Maritime
• Road

Platform areas
The new technological platform also has several areas that organize content and facilitate data entry and consultation. The portal, in fact, allows subscribers to search by keywords to extract data of interest. Through the documents area, it will be possible to view and download the files made available by the administrators. The calendar area contains deadlines and appointments that can be easily placed in time through a navigable calendar. The news area on the home page highlights the latest news on the site, referring to it for the complete reading of the selected article.