Published 14 July 2021

The event organized by Cluster Trasporti entitled “The Sustainable Mobility Revolution” took place today in Rome, at the Pininfarina hall of Confindustria. An important moment of sharing and discussion on the future of transport in Italy and in Europe in light of the great opportunities offered by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

The deputy minister for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility Teresa Bellanova participated in the work through a video intervention.

“The Cluster can play an essential role in monitoring the optimal and virtuous use of the resources of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) within the range of technological innovation: that of the National Observatory to ensure the maximization of the repercussions on the Italian system of the revolution in progress – said the Deputy Minister -. Cluster Trasporti represents a unique place on the national scenario where the academic world, research institutions, polytechnics, industrial players and the production world meet – underlined Bellanova – a precious resource for the country capable of supporting national institutions and organizations and international in planning interventions in the field of research and innovation. The PNRR refers to the need to finance national research in order to reach, through the collaboration of universities, research centers and companies, a critical threshold of research and innovation capacity. The action of the Cluster can function as a national awareness center by intercepting the innovation needs for industrial research policies, applying a global vision that allows the national transport ecosystem to evolve and  become a reference player in the international market “. During the works, the Action Plan of Cluster Trasporti Italia was presented for the future of industry, means and transport services (PdA) which aims to encourage the development of a new way of thinking about transport. The Plan, as pointed out by the Deputy Minister, intercepts the priorities defined in the PNRR and in the Next Generation EU  identifying actions and activities to be carried out in relation to technological and development roadmaps developed according to the macro-objectives for the road transport sectors, rail and maritime, as well as for integrated transport services belonging to MIMS, MUR and the new Ministry for Energy Transition.

“The Cluster brings together the major national, industrial and scientific players operating in mobility on road, rail, waterways and intermodality, in the sector of telematics applied to transport and integrated transport services – said Ennio Cascetta, President of  Cluster Trasporti Italia, in his speech -. Our goal is to create synergies between the various supply chains and identify future research and innovation trajectories in the surface transport sector, also to efficiently target the available resources “.

“The international competition for the positioning on the markets of products and services for mobility – added Cascetta – can only be won by developing as a Country-System, within the scope of the initiatives and programs of the EU, an action to identify and  develop  an Italian way to the new paradigms of mobility and transport. Playing and winning this challenge is an opportunity to upgrade the country’s economic and productive fabric and to relaunch its international competitiveness “.

The event was also an opportunity to greet the entry of new members into the Association: Anas, Autostrade Tech (Movyon), Westpole, Competence Industry Manufacturing, Intecs Solutions, Telespazio.