Published 23 November 2021

The president of  Cluster Trasporti, Ennio Cascetta, will speak at the conference “The challenges of infrastructure engineering and sustainable mobility and the new training needs” which will take place on Tuesday 7 December in the Temple of Hadrian in Piazza di Pietra in Rome.

Focal points of  the meeting, organized by the Mercatorum University, will be the issues related to the ongoing revolution in mobility and the new related training needs as well as sustainability in the post-Covid era.

Speakers: Armando Carteni – Prof. University of Campania Lugi Vanvitelli; Vera Fiorani – Chief Executive Officer and General Manager RFI; Massimo Sessa – President of the Higher Council of the LLPPs; Roberto Tomasi – Chief Executive Officer of Autostrade per L’Italia; Edoardo Zanchini – National Vice President of Legambiente; Giuseppe Catalano – Coordinator of the Mims Technical Mission Structure.

At the round table dedicated to energy transition and new mobility, there will be: Giuseppina Fusco – President of the Filippo Caracciolo Foundation ACI Study Center; Andrea Gibelli – President of ASSTRA; Vittorio Marzano – Prof. University of Naples Federico II; Guido Nicolini – President of Confetra

The conclusions will be entrusted to Enrico Giovannini, Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility.