Published 9 July 2021

Which  will be the evolution of sustainable mobility in Italy? How will the funds of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) be used, since  the ecological transition is at the center of all its interventions?

On the threshold of the seventh transport revolution, the world is preparing for a new profound paradigm shift in technology that will produce important changes also for our country. In order to provide an analytical picture of the great transformations taking place, Cluster Trasporti organized – at the Sala Pininfarina Confindustria in Rome – an event entitled “The Revolution of Sustainable Mobility”, which will take place on July 14th at 11a.m.

During the day will be presented the Action Plan of Cluster Trasporti Italia for the future of industry, means and transport services (PdA), recently approved by the Ministry of University and Research.

Within the PdA there is the new Mission of Cluster Trasporti ,recently redefined, which is divided into 5 interconnected actions:

  •  intervene in the development process of research and high-level studies, contributing to a transversal dissemination of knowledge, with the goal of a 55% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 also through the Road to 2030 project;
  •  be a place for gathering and comparing projects and initiatives, in order to promote osmosis and the transfer of best practices;
  • promote awareness of the challenges facing the transport sector;
  • support national and international institutions and organizations in planning sector interventions;
  • help define an efficient orientation for the spending of public funds to maximize the impact on the country.

The opening of the works will be entrusted to the Deputy Minister for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility Teresa Bellanova. Among the planned interventions, those of Vera Fiorani, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager RFI; Lorenzo Rossi, CEO of MOVYON / Autostrade per l’Italia; Gianmarco Giorda, Director of ANFIA; Dario Bocchetti Research & Development Manager Grimaldi Group; Francesco Rispoli, Manager of Cluster Trasporti Italia; Antonella Trombetta, Secretary General of Cluster Trasporti Italia.Carlo Borghini Executive Director Shift2rail Joint Undertaking; Smeraldo Fiorentini, General Manager of the Transportation & Logistics Division ALMAVIVA.

The conclusions will be entrusted to Ennio Cascetta, President of Cluster Trasporti Italia.