Published 20 May 2021

The new master’s degree course “Transportation Engineering And Mobility (TEAM)” of the Federico II University of Naples was presented in recent days.

The Degree Course will be at the service of the transformations that are affecting the transport and mobility sectors, helping to train the new generations of engineers and to develop the culture that innervates this revolution.

It is a training course in English that sees the light after two years of gestation. The master’s degree was born with the support of some players of the Transport Cluster such as FS, Stellantis/FCA/CRF, Almaviva  and the Cluster itself, which expressed great interest.

A tool to spread the new mobility paradigms
Academic, research, industrial, professional and high-level services personalities of the Cluster provided advice to define elements regarding the actual employment potential of graduates. The result of the consultation highlighted a positive opinion towards the establishment of the Degree Program, with appreciation, in particular, of the context analysis underlying the activation proposal, of the cultural and training objectives, of the professional profiles identified, of the general framework of the training activities and the balanced articulation of the credits attributed to the various areas.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility also confirmed its appreciation, confirming a positive opinion with respect to the training course, the aims it pursues and the ways in which the objectives are implemented.

Similar approval was expressed by the Fiat research center and by FS, with particular interest and appreciation for the attention to the new paradigms of automated and connected mobility, explored from the point of view of vehicles and their relationship with traffic and mobility.

The CdS will stand out for its interdisciplinary nature, with contributions from the areas of measurement, data analysis and forecasting, ICT and industrial enabling technologies.

The Course of Study has obtained accreditation from the MUR: it will be active from the academic year 2021-22.