Published 30 July 2021

The energy transition and digitalization are now at the center of the new global scenario and all governments are called to respond to these new important challenges.  The strong evolutionary drive in progress in the transport sector, the new needs for services, the new players entering the market and the recent priorities relating to eco-sustainable mobility, make the transport sector the greatest potential user of new technologies. Cluster Trasporti has created a Vision Plan that represents a strategic framework for the extraordinary changes that the world of mobility is experiencing. The association intends to actively contribute to the definition of national and EU research and innovation policies by implementing an Action Plan with objectives that are concrete, measurable and consistent with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.
The Cluster is aware that the international competition for positioning on the markets of products and services for mobility can only be won by developing as a country-system, within the scope of the initiatives and programs of the EU, an action to identify and development of an Italian way to the new paradigms of mobility and transport. The PNRR is a formidable further boost to the renewal of the transport system and opens up new forms of public-private partnership to draw the best potential in a new relationship between Universities, Research Centers and the business and production fabric, fundamental to the economic revival of the country. In carrying out its action, the Cluster intends to promote a shared industrial policy at national level, identifying and encouraging investments in enabling technologies to focus on, liaising locally with the Regions to enhance the strategic assets present, but also with others Clusters where there are concrete technological synergies of common interest, such as telecommunications (5G, G5) the “secure” location of vehicles and resilience techniques to cyber attacks that can threaten new systems increasingly dependent on technologies and networks operated by external entities .

The Cluster’s approach is based on continuous and proactive dialogue with the ministries of University and Research, Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, Economic Development and with the new Ministry of Ecological Transition. 

Mission: the 5 actions of Cluster Trasporti

The new  Mission of  Cluster Trasporti, recently redefined, it is divided into 5 interconnected actions:

  • intervene in the process of developing high level research and studies, contributing to a transversal dissemination of knowledge, with the aim of a 55% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 also through the Road to 2030 project;
  • be a place of collection and comparison of projects and initiatives, in order to encourage osmosis and transfer of best-practices;
  • promote awareness of the challenges facing the Transport sector;
  • support national and international institutions and bodies in the planning of sector interventions;
  • help define an efficient orientation for the spending of public funds to maximize the impact on the country.